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     If we listened at school we might recall that historically people gave each other decorated eggs (they still do in some Eastern European countries), the egg reminding us that life comes from within, a symbolic link and connection with the tomb of Jesus and the story of his resurrection.It will soon be Easter and once again the young a

Its Petertide!

Dear Friends

These are exciting times for us on the Fromeside as we celebrate the Petertide Ordinations. We are so lucky in firstly being able to celebrate the Ordination of Gail Thomas to the Priesthood (one of our own who is Curate in the Yate Team Ministry) and secondly, we welcome the Revd Bob Latham as our new Curate. Bob, who will no doubt write an article soon to introduce himself properly, was ordained Deacon on the 30th June in Bristol Cathedral.

Now the role of the Deacon is a really significant one in the history of the Church’s ministry and it is sadly somewhat lost in the modern ministerial process, primarily being a stepping stone to ordination to the priesthood. Whilst there has always been an element of this in Church tradition, in the early Church Deacons had a distinct and significant role, being clearly an order of ministry in its own right. This practice of ‘Permanent Deacons’ is still continued today by Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christians.

The word ‘Deacon’ means servant and historically the Deacon has undertaken the important job of proclaiming and preaching the Gospel, whilst also taking a focal role in the pastoral care of the community which the Church serves. To quote the ordinal of the Church, the Deacon is called, “to serve the Church of God and to work with its members in caring for the poor, the needy, the sick and all who are in trouble. They are to strengthen the faithful, search out the careless and the indifferent and to preach the word of God”.  On top of this they are to assist the Priest in the administration of the sacraments of the Church. The focus here is to clearly serve in ‘love’ the marginalised and those in real need.

I constantly remind myself and those I train for ministry, that being a Deacon is our primary call. In truth it is the call of all Christians, for it is in our love and care of others, especially the unlovable and difficult, that we truly make Christ known to the world. To be Christ’s is to shine his light in the darkness and fragility of our world by each small yet integral action of love. I truly believe if more of us embraced this Christ-like action our Churches would be full and the Gospel would once again be significant in the heart of our nation.

God Bless You All

Malcolm Strange

Rector of the Fromeside Benefice of Churches

Rev.Malcolm Strange



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