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     If we listened at school we might recall that historically people gave each other decorated eggs (they still do in some Eastern European countries), the egg reminding us that life comes from within, a symbolic link and connection with the tomb of Jesus and the story of his resurrection.It will soon be Easter and once again the young a

Easter is now over and we have all consumed our chocolate eggs each with their own particular surprise in side. We will all no doubt have our own favourites, for me you can’t beat a good old ‘Dairy Milk’. I wonder how many who feast on these sweet delights on ‘Easter Day’ take time to consider why we have this tradition in the first place.

What an amazing story it is, if it was not enough that at Christmas we celebrated God becoming a Human Being, now the Christian Church is proclaiming that this God, firstly dies on the Cross of Calvary for the sins of all humanity (remarkable in itself). A cosmic event which sees the intersection of past, present and future merging together, to enable all of God’s creation to be restored to him for all eternity (if that creation so chooses to embrace his unconditional love).

Secondly, and even more remarkably, in a crowning moment of divine mystery this same God, in the person of Jesus, rises to new life defeating death as we know it and bringing to all a spiritual hope of unity with God and each other in the Kingdom of heaven for all time. Wow!!!

Easter is the victory of ‘Love’. It is through Christ’s Resurrection not resuscitation, that humanity see’s first hand that Death is not the end. Whilst the physical body may fade away the spiritual heart of each of us lives on, is embraced and cloaked in God’s gift of love.

As we fondly gave chocolate to those we love this Easter, let us rejoice afresh that God loves us so much he gave his only son that all might not perish but have eternal life. “Alleluia Christ is Risen!”

God Bless you all

Malcolm Strange

Rector of the Fromeside Benefice of Churches

Rev.Malcolm Strange



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