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A Christmas message

Dear Friends

Soon the Office Parties will be in full swing. “So here it is Merry Christmas” by Slade will ring out from our radios, especially if we are tuned to Radio 2. Already our schools are preparing for their nativity plays with their exciting new angles on the old story, as time travellers, donkeys, even mice discover the significance of this wondrous story! Our shops are in their full commercial swing tempting us to spend, spend, spend on those we love and the ice rinks are full of revellers despite the lack of snow!

Christmas is now a universal festival in which Christians, members of other faiths and none can have a good time. At a push, somewhere we find time for family, although these days that can be a multi-day epic in trying to fit it all in. So in amongst the tinsel and the mistletoe, somewhere between the party poppers and the ‘hangover’, please take time to reflect on what this season is all about. ‘Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth with whom he is well pleased’ the angels sang. At Christmas we remember that God entered our human condition, became literally one of us and showed us a better way. We talk about a light which shines in the darkness and brings love, peace and hope to all humanity. We are called by Jesus to love each other as the greatest fulfilment of our love for God, as the true expression of being fully human.

Christmas and ‘love’ walk hand in hand, you don’t need to party to the early hours to show love, you don’t need to spend, spend, spend. God’s love and grace are free, Christmas reminds us of that.  Likewise, our love for each other needs to be freely given. In all the fun of the season do not forget that if the story we remember on the 25th is to go beyond the stable, then it has in some way got to transform our lives and how we treat each other. If we are open to that possibility then we can truly say ‘Merry Christmas’.

God Bless you and all you love this Christmas and always

Malcolm Strange

Rector of the Fromeside Benefice of Churches

Rev.Malcolm Strange





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