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Dear Friends

On the 5th June, in the chapel of Trinity College Bristol, Bishop Mike launched the ‘New Mission Area’ initiative. Basically, with nearly a million pounds of Church Commissioners strategic funding and with considerable match funding by the Diocese of Bristol, three areas have been designated to be ‘Mission Hubs’. Churches in those areas will be offered considerable support and resource to move the focus from being ‘Maintenance Church’ to ‘Missional Communities’. The Fromeside Benefice has been linked with the Yate Team Ministry to be one such Mission Area (Hub), called the Yate and Fromeside Mission Area.

St Mary’s, Yate has been designated the Resource Church and its Rector, the Revd Ian Wallace has been appointed the Mission Area Lead.

The Fromeside Benefice and Yate will be working closely together, over a six year period and beyond, to identify areas of missional focus to develop resources and strategies for delivering mission and growth.  We hope to become an area of learning from which other parishes in the Diocese of Bristol can learn and reflect on how to approach mission in their communities, learning from the mistakes we will inevitably make and from our hoped for successes.

In the next couple of years we will see tangible additional resources on the ground, including a curate for Fromeside; a number of internships focusing on work with young people, families, the elderly and other specific areas of pastoral care, along with a pioneer Minister for the developing housing estates of Yate and the east end of our Benefice.  There will also be, courses for ‘growing and developing leaders’, training for looking at new ways of being church in our Mission Area and much more!

At present, the two Ministry teams are working on the initial stages and working with the consultant who has been designated to work with us. In the early Autumn, the Church Councils and other key lay leaders will be coming together to work on a ‘Covenant Agreement’ with Yate (to be signed at a launch Service late in 2017 or early 2018) and the specific areas of missional focus we feel are important.

Despite the additional resource, which is considerable, it is vital that there is clear subsidiarity and ownership at local level. This whole initiative will only work effectively if we are all on board, making sure we understand its implications and contributing to its success. After all, as Church, if we are not about growing the Kingdom of God what are we about?

This is an exciting opportunity for us and it is really important that we engage with the opportunity given to us so that we own and develop our missional approach to being Church on the Fromeside. We need to deepen our own discipleship, encourage others to become disciples and contribute together to the building up of God’s Kingdom for the benefit of all where we live!

God Bless you all

Malcolm Strange

Rector of the Fromeside Benefice of Churches

Rev.Malcolm Strange



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