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Dear Friends

May is a very special Month and not just because we have a General Election. For the Church it has been a time when it has reflected on the role of Jesus’ mother Mary. Christians throughout the world will hold special services during the month in which they will focus their acts of devotion on Mary's role in the incarnation. There will be special services, processions and 

Rev Malcolm Strangegreat celebratory feasts and fiestas.


The Incarnation is so important for Christians, as God becomes a human being, becoming one of us to restore us in love, as we celebrated at Easter, to him for all time. It has always been held by Christians that this act further blesses the human race in a special way. It means we are valued greatly by God, and if he loves and values us then we are called to love each other and our neighbour likewise.


The Bishops have sent out a pastoral letter for Christians to reflect in preparation for the Election entitled 'Who is my neighbour?' How appropriate at this time in the Churches year, as we remember Mary and her role in Our Lord’s Incarnation, that we should reflect in preparation for the General Election on the greatest command our Lord gave us: "Love God, Love Neighbour and value yourself". Now there is something to think about on Election Day! 

God Bless




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