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     If we listened at school we might recall that historically people gave each other decorated eggs (they still do in some Eastern European countries), the egg reminding us that life comes from within, a symbolic link and connection with the tomb of Jesus and the story of his resurrection.It will soon be Easter and once again the young a

He is risen indeed


Dear Friends

I am having a snow day. Looking out from my study window across to the Old Rectory at Winterbourne.  It is a classic English winter scene. The wild birds are doing some serious damage to the bird feeders which I filled this morning, the snow is falling again. As I sip my warm coffee it is hard to believe that you will be reading this article in a few weeks’ time as we celebrate Eastertide.

One of the questions that GCSE students are often set is this: ‘Christmas is the most important Christian Festival, do you agree’? If they are A* students (or should I now say level 8) they will contrast the importance of marking the Incarnation (God with us, showing us a better way, proclaiming the Kingdom now) with the celebration of the Paschal Mystery, which is at the heart of the Christian Story.

Easter is the time that Christians rejoice that through the death and resurrection of Jesus our sin is forgiven. The gap between God and humanity, caused by sin, is filled and the love of God is unconditionally available to all. His creation and the road to eternal life is established once again.

As much as I love Christmas, for me Holy Week and the Easter Celebration are what our faith is all about. Jesus makes his way to Calvary, the cross being at the heart of his Mission. He had come to give people a foretaste of what God’s Kingdom of ‘Peace, Love and Reconciliation’ are like.  He had brought the invitation to the eternal banquet and now, through the cross, he was about to activate its benefits for all people in one cosmic and redeeming moment. His whole life points to this moment of divine intervention and the rewards crowned by his glorious resurrection are there for all of us, Alleluiah

I am sure by now the snow is gone and you are all looking forward to the joys of spring and all that the summer will bring. During Eastertide, let us give thanks that the impact of our inhumanity, our tendency to hurt each other and sin against God are overturned. All thawed by the eternal warmth, power and gift of God’s unconditional love made real in the Paschal Mystery.

A Very Happy Easter to You All

Malcolm Strange

Rector of the Fromeside Benefice of Churches

Rev.Malcolm Strange



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