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A very Happy and Blessed Easter tide to you all.

There has been a lot of debate this year about the date of Easter, with the Archbishop of Canterbury weighing in saying it would be good to have a fixed day for Easter Sunday, rather than the situation we have now of relying on a calculation based on the cycle of the Paschal moon. Not only is there that complexity, we have the added confusion that the Eastern Christian Church calculates it differently; Easter for them this year is 1st May. There is nothing new in debating and changing the date of Easter, the setting of its date was one of the challenges of the Council of Whitby in 664 which led to the bringing into line of the Celtic and Western Catholic traditions on our Islands.

One question you never have to answer is, “What date is Christmas this year?” Whilst because of the nature of Holy Week we will never quite be able to do that for Easter, it would be good to know that it was a set Sunday each year. Given the most popular date for its fall is the 19th April might I suggest that we go for the third Sunday in April each year. Not only would it be good for the Christian Church to be consistent, it would also have spin offs for secular institutions and schools.

Whatever the final outcome as long as we have the opportunity to celebrate this great feast and proclaim that 'Jesus is Risen', I don't think the calculation and process is going to worry folks too much!Rev.Malcolm Strange

St. Peter’s Church is celebrating its 700th year in 2016 and began the year with a Service of Celebration marking the fact that local Christian community has been able to worship in the church building since the consecration of the “new” church in 1315. Today the main building of the church is Victorian but the landmark tower is certainly a part of the original building.

The Anniversary service held on Saturday January 16th was a thanksgiving for those who in the past had the vision and craftsmanship to build our beautiful local inheritance. During the service the church building was rededicated as a place where members of the local community can gather to celebrate key moments in their lives, give thanks for blessings received, find comfort, support and strength as they face life’s journey.

The Bells were rung to sound out the Good News to the Community with a Quarter Peal being rung as part of the celebration. Fr. Malcolm Strange, Priest in Charge at St Peter’s said, “What a fantastic occasion, it was good to see the Church so full of people celebrating the importance of this Historic Church in their lives, the whole service was a real inspiration!”

If you happened to be near the church on Mothering Sunday you may well have rubbed your eyes in disbelief when you thought you saw some small villagers all dressed in mediaeval costume entering the church and, not long afterwards, a very grand 14th century Bishop of Worcester in full regalia.  You could be forgiven for putting it all down to the heavy meal you had the night before, but then along came a group of very earnest-looking Victorians, including a clergyman, with a large roll of paper on which he had some plans!  Your curiosity having been aroused, you may have fought your way into a packed church and found yourself in the middle of St. Peter’s second celebration this year of its 700th anniversary.

We were joined by the Bishop of Bristol on this colourful occasion, and with the help of lots of people from the local community we re-enacted the medieval tradition of holding the church building in our arms for a blessing. As we linked arms right around the Church building in this special service, Bishop Mike led us all in prayers and blessed the church.

Then we all went back into the warmth of the building for a very 21st century celebration of birthday cake and tea and coffee.  Thank you to all who came along and made this a Mothering Sunday to remember!





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